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LBS Types H22, H27
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Type H22        
  rated voltage [kV] 12 / 24/ 36 / 38,5
  rated current [A] 630 / 1250
  rated short time current [kA] 12,5 / 20 / 30

Type H27                       
  rated voltage [kV] 12 / 24
  rated current  [A] 400 / 630
  rated short time current [kA] 16 / 20

Our medium voltage indoor air insulated load break switches are very reliable switching devices which have been used hundred thousand fold successfully many years in various medium voltage switchgears. The devices are fitted with an energy storage mechanism for quick operation.

Due to very high operating frequencies and a minimum amount of maintance required they provide the daily loads exerted under normal switching duty
  - for interrupting ring feeders
  - disconnecting and protecting distribution transformer
  - etc.

The load break switches are designed for normal operating conditions according to DIN VDE 0670 and IEC 60697, class „Minus 5 Indoor“ and are type tested according to IEC60265-1.

Simple design
Absolute operation safety
Easy operation
Isolating distance visible after load disconnection
Compact dimensions
High operating frequency
Minimum amount of maintenance
Wide variety of types suitable for almost every purpose
Flexible mounting positions
Some Technical Features
The devices are fitted with an energy storage mechanism for quick-make and quick-break operation
All types are available with high-speed earthing switches mounted above and below (option)
Positive mechanical locking between load break switch and earthing switch (option)
No arcing or lagging contacts
Efficient and realiable arc extinction

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