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High performance fuses
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Type  IB       
  rated voltage [kV] 3 - 52
  rated current [A] 2,5 - 250
  insulator length H [mm] 169 - 712
  contact diameter [mm] 45 / 55 / 60 / 80 / 92

Our medium voltage short circuit current limiting fuses are automatic and selectively acting switching devices for voltages from 3 to 52 kV.
With their extremely fast short-circuit interruption they reliably protect transformers, motors, cables, capacitors and switching installations against the thermal and dynamic effects of short circuits.

Our fuses are designed for installation in
       - air and gas-insulated indoor switchgear systems
       - outdoor switchgear systems
       - oil-immersed transformers
       - troublesome climates

All fuses are made with porcelain tubes which are glazed brown for indoor and outdoor use. Inside the parallel connected fuse elements are made of pure silver. Design and manufacturing method of the reduced cross section areas ensure a close characteristic tolerance. The fuse elements are wound onto a star-shaped ceramic support and are welded to the silver plated ferrules. The copper ferrules are mechanically connected to the porcelain tube and sealed using a permanent elastic sealing.

Their electrical and mechanical characteristics comply to DIN 43625 and IEC 60282-1 certified at CESI laboratory (only type IB-D1/2/3)

Big operating range
Very compact design e.g. 36kV fuses with 24kV dimensions
Very low power losses
Exceeded water tightness
Trouble free operation for more than 30 years
Computerized quality control
Performance characteristics beyond limits stated in applicable specifications
Some Technical Features
Striker pin with impact force of 20 N at 20mm distance
Integrated thermal protection as standard
Indoor and outdoor fuse holders available
Big range of accessories

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