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Indoor air-insulated panels
rote Linie

Air-insulated metal enclosed switchgear
rote Linie

   Type W12
     12 kV
     630 kA
     up to 25 kA

  Type W36
     36 kV
     up to 1250 kA
     up to 20 kA

  • Type W24
     24 kV
     up to 1250kA
     up to 31.5kA


Air-insulated metal enclosed compact switchgear
rote Linie

  • Type F24
     24 kV
     630 kA
     up to 20 kA
     Front installation

  • Type D12/24
     up to 24 kV
     up to 630kA
     up to 20 kA

Air-insulated metal enclosed ring main units
rote Linie

  • Type D Compact
     up to 24 kV
     up to 630 A
     up to 20 kA


Air-insulated switchgear in withdrawable design
rote Linie
Type WEL /  
             E2K  / E3K    
     up to 36 kV
     up to 2500 A
     up to 31.5 kA


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