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rote Linie

Type L31/13300      
  rated voltage [kV] 12 / 24 / 36 / 38,5
  rated current [A] 630 / 1250 / 1600 / 2500 / (4000 / 6300 on request)

rated short-time current [kA]

20 / 31,5 / 40

Indoor disconnectors series L31 designed for no-load switching in medium voltage switchgear. All types are available as single and three phase units.

All disconnectors are in conformance with DIN VDE standards 0670, Part 2 and DIN VDE 0111.

Big operating range
Simple design
High operation reliability
Easy operation
Isolating distance visible after disconnection
Flexible mounting positions
Some Technical Features
All types have a distortion resistant sectional steel frame
The operating shafts of switching devices have bronze bearings so that any rusting-in will be ruled out
Contacts and profile blades are made of drawn electrolytic copper
Conducting paths have 10 µm electro-silverplating
Rust-resistant compression springs adequate contact pressure
The striker sides of the 1250 A, 1600 A, and 2500 A disconnectors have contact inserts with self-lubricating silver-graphite facings, disconnector mounting frames that are galvanised and passivated in chromic acid
All disconnectors and earthing switches are equipped with continuous operating shafts (ø=30 mm) that allows mounting of the driving mechanism on the left- or on the right-hand side

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