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Expulsion cut-out fuses
rote Linie

Type A-1200  
  rated voltage [kV] 6 to 36
  rated current [A]



rated short-time current symmetrical [kA]


  rated short-time current
asymmetrical [kA]

Our expulsion cut-out fuses are single venting devices for vertical cross arm or pole mounting specially designed to work in outdoor areas to provide protection in overhead distribution systems for voltage rating from 6 kV to 36 kV. They are available with single, double or supplementary porcelain or polymeric insulator to increase the creepage distance.

They are provided with hooks for fixing the "on load break stick" in parallel with the fuse holder. To assure the permanent contact of the fuse holder, during the making operation, a witty guide system is provided in the lower hinge that gradually reduces the upper contact balancing. This system enables to expedite the making operation, that can be practically done from any angle.

The fuse links used are of type K and T manufactured only from high quality material such as special coated arc-quenching tubes or pure silver fuse element. They can be interchanged with any expulsion cut-out fuse available on the market

Our expulsion cut-out fuses are interchangeable with those of the same rated characteristics available on the market.
They can be used as off-load disconnector exchanging the fuse holder for a brass disconnecting blade available with a rated current of 200 A.

Our expulsion cut-out fuses were satisfactorily type tested at CESI laboratories (Milano) and other test laboratories according to the latest standards.

Easy installation
Interchangeable with cut-out fuses of the same rated characteristics available on the market
Rigid mechanical design
Maintenance-free during total service life
Some Technical Features
Porcelain or polymeric insulators
Special guide system provided in the lower hinge enabling making operation practically from any angle
Type K and T fuse links
Pure silver fuse element

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