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Power Capacitors
rote Linie

Type  MA/C/CE/TER       
  rated voltage [V] 230 - 690
  rated powert [kVAr] 2,5 - 50
  dielectric metallized polypropilene
  rated frequency [Hz] 50


The MA/C/CE/TER are high quality three phase power Capacitors for indoor installations in any kind of network available with rated power from 2,5 to 50 kVAr and rated voltage from 230V to 690V. They are installed in horizontal and vertical positions.

The Power capacitors are specially designed for reactive power factor correction using the highest quality raw materials, the most developed manufacturing process and according the satandars EN 60831. 1-2.

The Capacitors are manufactured with low loss metallized self healing polypropylene film. The windings are placed in a cylindrical aluminium can and filled with an advanced polyutherane resin of great heat dissipation properties. An overpressure disconnection system is used to disconnect the capacitor in case of inadmissible working conditions caused by extreme electrical or thermal conditions.

The Capacitors are delivered with discharge resistors able to discharge the capacitor to less than 75v within three minutes.

The manufacture recomends the use of five contacts contactors with quick discharge resistors in capacitor banks to avoid overcharges in the capacitor and to connect the capacitor when it is discharged.

The Capacitors have been designed to be interrupted by an overpressure dissconection system. When the terminal cover expands, the internal connections are interrupted disconnecting the capacitor.


Maintenance free

High electrical endurance
Delivered with discharge resistors
Long life time

Great capacitor performance
Cable termination up to 50mm2
Some Technical Features
Over pressure disconnection system
Use of non toxic and ecological polyurethane resin
Self healing film
Excellent heat dissipation property
Use of most advanced metallize polypropilene film
Ambient tempetarure from -25° up to +55°
5 to 50 kVAr per capacitor

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