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Type CW35-1/2        
  rated voltage [V]

24VDC or 230VAC

  power consumpion [W] 42 / 84
  luminous Flux [Lm] 1750 / 3000
  protection class IP66

The CW35 is an autonomous solar powered street light which provides an equivalent light level on target to that of a 200W conventional incandescent lamp with less than a quarter of the power consumption . This is achieved by using most advanced power LED Technology. With 35 pieces of power LED each either 55 Lm/W (or 85 Lm/W) a luminous flux of 1750 Lm (or 3000 Lm) will be provided with the light colour "White 5200 K" (other colours are available). The power LED have a lifespan of 70.000 hours which is equivalent to 20 years operation based on a 8 hour day.

The lantern housing is made out of a recyclable, high quality, lightweight, matt grey powder coat painted finish Aluminium body to make a high performance road and street lighting. Toughened tempered curved or flat glass, sealed with a silicone gasket to IP 66, enclose the lantern.

The street light is powered by solar a 90W solar panel backed by Solid State Lithium Ion Power Battery cells which are installed into the pole for protection purpose. The street light can also be powered by a 230V cable.

The solar street light is very environmentally friendly and helps to reduce the dependence on carbon based fuel - only the sun is used as power source. Due to the long lifespan of the power LED the regular change of light bulbs is obsolete. All materials are recyclable.

The introduction of solar street lights will increase business and economical activities in roads and areas where they are installed.
Vandal and Theft Resistant Components and Hardware
Decentralised stand alone installation
Sun as own energy generation source
Independent from power outgates

No replacement parts result in high return of investment
Reduced light pollution
Completely maintenance free
Huge energy saving compared to conventional incandenced lamp
Some Technical Features
Three days back up energy
Solar charge regulator with special night light function
35 x Power LED 55 Lm/W (or 85 Lm/W)
Luminous Flux 1750 Lm/3000 Lm
70.000 operation hours for LED
Degree housing protection IP66

Low energy consumption

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