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Under the leadership of our cooperartion partner WT Energy Systems GmbH located in Germany we plan, construct and monitor high voltage transformer stations for different applications.

It all starts with consulting regarding your special application including a cost - profit analysis. Safety, extensibility, service, maintenance and operation are integral parts of our interdisciplinary work.

With our experience and expertise we ensure the safety of different kinds of transformer stations. Through protective correction work we keep the system stable - even when taking various energy consumers or producers into account.

We offer you a trouble free complete package for the construction of transformer stations including: 

Careful planning of individual solutions
Provision of all necessary documents for the granting of a building permit
Arrangements with the department of planning and building inspection and the department of environment
Ordering of all necessary equipment and the monitoring of delivery dates
Obtaining of the soil investigation reports
Coordination with the customer and the planning office
Supervision of all construction work and site
Organizing of commissioning in cooperation with the utility
Provision of complete project documentation
Maintenance work by skilled experts with switch operation authorization of up to 110kV
Management of the constructed transformer station on customer's request

We offer you reliability and security. All of the fundamental processes and working conditions are controlled and regulated by remote surveillance in our transformer stations. They are all built with technology designed to provide the greatest possible benefit to our clients.

After setting up a transformer station we offer an extensive maintenance package to ensure long, trouble-free operation. Our services also include renovation, repair and extension of existing and yet to be constructed transformer stations

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